The Smart-Tamp began in 2012 as a small side project we tinkered with in our spare time to better our espresso quality and consistency. It took about eleven months and scores of design iterations before we settled on a scalable design for the tamper. We had built a tamper that we loved using and so decided to unveil it to the world at SCAA 2013 in Boston to see what the greater specialty coffee community thought. The reception was incredibly positive and beyond our most optimistic expectations. We returned home reinvigorated with ideas to improve the design based on feedback we received from the many fine people we encountered in Boston.

We are engineers who love coffee, and love the art and science of its preparation. The journey to good coffee provides a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction and that is why we started MG Coffee Tools. Well-designed, high quality tools enhance your job as barista. A good tool allows you to focus on what's important: making the best cup of coffee you possibly can, exploring what the beans have to offer you, providing pleasure to someone you care about. As designers, engineers, tinkerers, builders, we think there is a lot of merit in owning a high quality tool. The tool ought to be a natural extension of your hand; it ought to make your job easier and more precise.

We begin our journey with the Smart-Tamp digital coffee tamper. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.